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Implementing Supply Maestro can do a lot for your business.

Risk Reduction

The Maestro certification process guarantees that suppliers adhere to strict standards. By choosing a Maestro-certified supplier, you can trust that the products you supply are safe and of the very best quality. This reduces risk for your business and helps avoid the negative outcomes that could arise if due diligence were not so carefully done and documented. And of course, a lengthy record of impeccable customer experience is of great benefit to your business’s reputation.

Increase Efficiency

As all documentation, third-party certifications and audits, and notifications are handled by the Maestro system, your team’s workload is lightened, freeing them up to concentrate on other work. Through standardization of process, the system can also help reduce duplication, errors, and missed deadlines, which can only help to improve your bottom line.


Customer Satisfaction

Choosing to work with only Maestro-certified suppliers means your end product is the best it can be. In fact, our partner Air Canada’s menu received four out of five stars by Diet Detective’s Charles Stuart Plantkin, who said “This airline cares about the health of its passengers.”  By providing safe products at peak freshness, you’ll increase the happiness of your customers – something every business likes to see!

Audit Ready

Supply Maestro is a centralized repository for all program data, records and documents, so everything you need is easily and immediately accessible online. Whether you need to get ready for an audit, or simply want to look into a detail of your process, it’s all there at your fingertips.


System Features


Multiple Questionnaires

Automatic Notifications

Comprehensive Reports

Real-time Scoring


User Permissions

Fully Customizable

Technical Support

Performance Logging

Integrated Tutorials


Find out how your business can benefit